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Refund and Returns Policy

According to the RA Law “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”, a non-food product of proper quality is replaced or returned, if the said product has not been used, its product type, consumer characteristics, packaging, product labels, as well as the document certifying the fact of payment given to the consumer or other settlement are preserved. document, and there is evidence of purchasing the product from that seller.

The RA government’s decision No. 77 of January 30, 2002 defined the list of non-returnable products, among which are animals and plants.

Products can be returned or canceled:
– In the case of online purchase, within 1 hour after the creation of the electronic order confirmation notification,
– In the case of an order made verbally or by phone, within 1 hour after the confirmation of the order.
In the above two cases, after canceling the order, the entire amount paid will be returned to the consumer in the same way that the payment was made within 5 working days after the cancellation of the order.

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